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Rhythmic Gymnastics

We are the first online school for rhythmic gymnastics.


This website was created for training rhythmic gymnastics sportsman around the world.

Sportsmans who are engaged in rhythmic gymnastics knows that in Russia is many high-skill coaches in this sport.

We train not only through the Internet, but also at our own school of rhythmic gymnastics in Russia

Adults and children come to us. Also athletes of very high level come to us for additional trainings to work on weak sides of them or to achieve the required results.

We working on our trainings on muscle strengthening, exercises for posture, exercises for increased flexibility, for endurance, for ability to react quickly, for improvement on coordination and balance, stretching. We work on artistry of each athlete, so that it can represent itself.

We also working on trainings with apparatus, rope, hoop, clubs, ribbon and ball.
In trainings we work with elements of rhythmic gymnastics, such as: balance, turns, leaps, and many acrobat elements (the bridges, hands stand, turnovers)

How it works?

It ‘s a very popular question. If you want to join training, you need to choose a type of training and sign up for classes. To attend a practice you need to download the Zoom app and 10 minutes before the training you will get a link to your email

Who can study at our school?

Anyone can study in our school regardless of gender and age. We have an individual approach to each client, you will certainly be happy to train at us!

How can I book my practice?

For booking a practice you need to contact us via the feedback form or whats app messenger +79126144799

What should I have for practice?

For training you need: rope, soft surface (pillow or towel), a little space, if possible all exercises to perform on a carpet

How can I pay?

For payments we accept Paypal, at the moment it is the easiest payment method in which you can easily pay with a credit card.



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