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Rhythmic Gymnastics

We are the first online school of rhythmic gymnastics.


Rhythmic gymnastics is a popular sport all over the world. We are glad that we can share knowledge and experience about rhythmic gymnastics. Our school employs professional Russian coaches who have extensive experience in rhythmic gymnastics as a gymnast and as a coach.

Coaches in this rhythmic gymnastics online school can help for gymnasts (and not gymnasts) with any level. All coaches are excellent professionals, we have an honorary title in rhythmic gymnastics in Russia. You can choose an individual and a group training. The coaches create training programs of the appropriate level, we take into account abilities, tasks and together we go to the goal.

Rhythmic gymnastics is about beauty and grace, but it is also about energy-consuming trainings that shape the body.

Join our team, be led by real professionals, download the App and start improving with us.

How does it work?

When you want to have a training, you should check practices then sign up for online classes. Best of all, taking online classes let’s you integrate your practice into your schedule at your convenience. Typically, we have online classes with certain programs (Zoom/voov and etc.). Immediately, after your booking the manager sends a booking confirmation (it includes id and password for online class).

Who can have a practice in our school?

Anyone can attend online classes. This is possible for any age and gender. Coaches in our school prefer an individual approach to the individual and a comprehensive approach to the system of your online program.

How can I book a practice?

Contact us for booking on WhatsApp:
+7 9126144799, our manager will answer you as soon as possible.

What should I have for online classes?

Make sure that you have enough space for online practice. Check the internet, pre-download the program/app through which you will have the online class. Prepare rhythmic gymnastics/stretching/ballet equipment before practice.

How can I pay?

For your payment you can use next ways: debit/credit card, wire transfer, Western Union, Wise, Paysend, Promptpay. Contact us and our manager will help you choose the best way to pay.



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