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The first rhythmic gymnastics online school was created for training for rhythmic gymnastics sportsman around the world.

Sportsmans who are engaged in rhythmic gymnastics know that in Russia is many high-skill coaches in this sport.
We teach not only through the Internet, but also at our own school of rhythmic gymnastics in Russia.

Adults and children come to us. Athletes of very high level come to us for additional trainings to work on weak sides of them or to achieve the required results.

We work on our trainings on muscle strengthening, exercises for posture, exercises for increased flexibility, for endurance, for ability to react quickly, for improvement on coordination and balance, stretching. We work on artistry of each athlete, so that it can represent itself.

Also we work on apparatus (rope, hoop, clubs, ribbon and ball).
In training, we work on the body difficulties of rhythmic gymnastics, such as: balances, turns, leaps; also acrobat elements (the bridges, handstand, walkovers, rolls and etc.)

We include in the training the games to develop attention, memory and imagination for children.

All our trainings are available online, you can choose a group or an individual practice and train with our coach through Zoom.

You should have a webcam, the coach will control your movements and guide training, as well as show all movements himself.

All our coaches passed a long way in rhythmic gymnastics, they have a title of the master of sports of Russia and pedagogical sports education.

Sign up for training today, for that just contact via Whats app +79126144799


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